The VRI Bowls Club has, over the many years of playing, run regular Competitions and Championships.

Past Events, currently in recess, include the VRI Country Bowls Week - Fours and Pairs - Competition, that was held Annually in every year, then later every second year, until lack of interest from Country Centres put the competition into recess.  Winners of these Competitions from records held can be found here:

- VRI Country Bowls Week Fours

- VRI Country Bowls Week Pairs

Every 2 years, in the year before each ANZRI Carnival, the VRI Bowls Club conducts its Singles, Pairs and Triples Club Championships, open to any Member of the VRI Bowls Club.  Results of these Championship winners can be found here:

- Singles Championship  - WE Elliott Trophy  

- Pairs Championship - Alan Cowling Trophy

- Triples Championship - Jack MacFarlane Trophy

In the late 1990's, it was decided to recognise a past life member of the Club over the results of the May and August Winter weekend games, by awarding a new trophy - the George Garlick Memorial Trophy.

Following the passing of another esteemed Life Member, his name was added to this trophy, and since it has been awarded on the same weekends every 2nd (non-Carnival) year - the Garlick/Gilhooley Memorial Trophy.

Winners of this Trophy (in early years it was annually awarded) can be found here:

Garlick Gilhooley Trophy