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 I have read and accept the following conditions: I agree that: a) my membership with the VRI will begin from receipt of my application with payment, will be current until 30 June, & upon renewal will then be current for each 12 month period thereafter ; b) my membership with the VRI if through payroll will be for a period of 12 months and cannot be cancelled before that time; c) I agree to the VRI terms and conditions (as per the Statement of Purpose) and consent to receiving news, information and promotions and updates.

 I authorise my employer to deduct the stated amount from my pay and to deduct the stated amount from my pay and to forward this amount to the VRI Inc for a minimum of 12 months membership, commencing from the first pay period following receipt of this authority and every pay thereafter.

 I understand that these amounts may be increased by the VRI without written notice to reflect changes in fees. I understand and agree that this authority will remain current unless I write to The VRI, requesting a cancellation of this PRD authority. I understand that upon cancellation of my membership any outstanding amount owing to The VRI for membership will become due immediately. I further authorise my employer to deduct from pay/s all outstanding amounts owing for VRI membership Submit Payroll