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Insurance Services

 Personal  Insurance

The VRI is an agent for Insurance Australia Limited (IAL). This gives our members  10% discount on all policies.  Our staff are trained insurance consultants and are on hand to answer all your queries and provide you with quotationsVRI Insurance has easy payment options including, monthly, fortnightly or annual direct debit from a bank account or credit card at no extra cost.  B Pay and  Australia Post billpay.

For all Insurance Enquiries, please Contact the VRI on Telephone 03 9650 4810 or Email: .

Landlords Insurance

Make sure your investment property is protected with CGU Landlord Insurance, providing coverage for flats, units, apartments and houses that are leased or rented to tenants.

When it comes to protecting your investment property, CGU Landlords Residential Property Insurance provides comprehensive cover against deliberate and intentional acts by tenants, vandalism and loss of rent.

Protect your property against an increased range of events. Rather than a long list of acceptable risks, there’s a short list of events and mishaps that are not covered. So if something happens and it’s not on the list of exclusions, you know you’re covered.

Car Insurance

Buying a car is an exciting time. You’ve done your research and test driven too many cars to count and now it is time to protect your shiny new purchase.

Finding the right insurance can seem like a daunting task. So we’ve put together 3 different car policies with 3 different levels of cover so that you can have the freedom to choose exactly what you need.

Home Insurance

CGU Home insurance policies provide you with market-leading coverage with superior customer service. CGU Home insurance combines your building and contents insurance under one policy to make your protection as efficient and straightforward as possible.

Travel Insurance

Whether you’re heading overseas or travelling within Australia, protect yourself with CGU Travel Insurance.

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